EUMETSAT Intranet 3.0

EUMETSAT Intranet 3.0

March 28, 2008 in Information Architecture, Interactive Design, Portfolio, User Experience

Following the successful relaunch of their website, EUMETSAT contracted Rational to design a replacement for their ageing intranet.

The intranet was designed with the assistance of an employee reference group, with whom we discussed and agreed the main design concepts and developed the Information Architecture of the site, in accordance with their internal folksonomies. The reference group were also involved in the testing and migration phases and remain the driving force behind the contribution of content to the service.

Amongst others, the following innovations were introduced:

  • Dynamic ‘panels’ which auto-update using AJAX to display important information (such as organisation-wide messaging and systems downtimes) live on every page of the intranet
  • Online listings (buy and sell, social events, travel info, housing, etc.)
  • Online discussion fora for business and personal use
  • Online Wiki-based ‘knowledgebase’ for information sharing


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