Barriers to intranet contribution

Barriers to intranet contribution

May 31, 2011 in Blog

As with any service, some employees will use your intranet and some won’t. The issue is getting enough people to use the service to make the investment in developing and maintaining it worthwhile.

A lack of contribution is often attributed to well-known issues, such as lack of resources, lack of time or the usability of the contribution tool (e.g. the CMS) but there are other, sometimes more fundamental barriers, which can be harder to diagnose, including:

  • Management perception
    work time spent contributing to an intranet can be perceived by management as being a ‘fun’ or time-wasting activity, rather than a valid business-related task;
  • Identity
    a lack of openness, which may stem from the fact that users are often personally identifiable, rather than afforded the anonymity of the ‘screen names’ common to most Internet-based services.

Given the right advice, even these issues can be resolved fairly easily with straightforward measures.

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