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EUMETSAT Website 3.0



EUMETSAT Website 3.0

Rational was tasked with designing a third revision of the EUMETSAT Website.

This time, we were given free reign to design the site from the bottom up, utilising all our user experience and interaction design expertise.

The brief was to ensure the look and feel conformed to the newly approved EUMETSAT brand, to fix the usability and interaction issues we had highlighted with the existing site and to ensure it was accessible to EUMETSAT’s global audience, accommodating as wide a range of ICDs as possible, whilst respecting the bandwidth constraints imposed by the locations of some audiences.

We introduced the following innovations during this design revision:

  • A ‘touch-friendly’ interface, suitable for smartphones and tablets as well as traditional desktop computing devices
  • Audience-specific landing pages, to suit the needs of defined target audiences
  • HTML 5 & CSS3 functionality and interaction mechanisms
  • Replacing Flash content with Javascript-based interactive features, where appropriate
  • Content compression, using expandable areas
  • Consolidated style for display of pages, articles, search results, etc.

The design is currently being integrated into the Oracle UCM 10 Content Management System, with assistance from Rational, where additional advanced features are being added,  including automatic publication of content from EUMETSAT’s Document Management System and single sign-on for web applications.

Click here to view the design prototype.

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